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With a team of experienced brokers and an extensive background in commercial leasing at a multi-million-dollar national level, we did more to stimulate the American economy and help Main St. prosper more than any other industry.

But our accolades could only go so far. The economic storm that confronted everybody in late 2008 was a realization that everything was about to drastically change. Our firm’s capital had completely evaporated, and the demand for it was skyrocketing as the rules for borrowers became stricter than ever. Just as the economy’s tide was changing, so were our company’s prospects in large scale commercial lending.

In the past two years, we took notice that people’s “good credit” eventually reduced to “below-average credit”. Banks were raising the entry bar high and uniformly tightening their lending criteria. More alarming was the vast number of incorrect items and common errors on the average person’s credit becoming the determining factor in thousands of dollars on home loans, higher interest rates on credit cards, or simply basic approval.

Having dealt with hundreds of thousands of credit issues in day-to-day operations, we became quite acquainted and well-versed in all-things credit. With a background in small-to-medium business solutions, our team of the best professionals in personal finance solutions, founded primecreditconsultant.com, a company made to help all individuals like yourself get the financing you deserve.

Our past successes are something we will always be proud of, but it is our customers’ experiences that truly exhibit how we shine here at primecreditconsultant.com. We hope to hear many more for years to come.

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